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The In, Out and Up

of Peace Lutheran Church


Below is a simple diagram of interlocking circles meant to illustrate a vital, dynamic, interconnection between our dominant values. Yes, we believe in our God given purpose “to go, make disciples; love God and love others.” At Peace, our values are symbolized in three small circles and two lines.  We affectionately call them the “In, Out, and Up” of Peace.  They remind us not only of what we are doing and how we are living as members of Jesus’ body, but they also remind us to pray that these dynamics will be alive in each and everyone of us. 

The UP Value

Communion/Worship/Believing/Love God

The UP value represents those things that help us connect with God, those activities and practices that deepen devotional living, a passionate love of God, and provides the “fuel” of discipleship. Here you will find prayer, worship, the sacraments, scripture reading, biblical teaching and encouragement. All are in a Holy Spirit-filled environment that makes up our communal connection to God and helps us reinforce our identity in Christ. The UP value holds dearly what our lives would that look like if we were to love our God with all our mind, heart, strength. About our relationship with God, we ask "Is it deepening?" "Are we changing?" "Are we listening?" 

The OUT Value

Mission/Blessing/Go-being Sent/Make Disciples

The OUT value focuses on the blessing of others in the name and love of Jesus. We attempt to love others and serve others, watching people’s lives transform, blessing people with the tangible touch of God. When we hear the call of Jesus to “love others,” we challenge ourselves to ask what would that look like in real life, living as people of the Kingdom in relationship with people locally and globally. This is also a deliberate “disciple-making” process.  When Jesus said to “go, and make disciples,” we ask, “What would that look like and how does that take shape in us daily?”


The IN Value

Inclusive Community/Relationship/Disciple-Making

The IN value is a “John 13 reality” where Jesus says “love one another as I have loved you.” This value includes the building of a God-honoring community and relationships where Christ followers have the opportunity to encourage each other and challenge each other to grow to be all that Jesus calls each of us to be. This is distinct togetherness! It includes those things that we do together that shape our lives together. Here we love other people, “do life” with other people, team with others to get involved in the life of the body.


See Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4.

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